Stories from Ukraine for libraries

Dear colleagues,

Lviv Public Libraries in collaboration with Lviv UNESCO City of Literature, Ukraїner and Ukrainian Library Association invite you to participate in project “Stories from Ukraine”.

We want to show you Ukraine as a country of dreams, liberty and open-mindedness and to better understand Ukrainians as those, who are now fighting for it’s life, cities and dreams.

Join the project “Stories from Ukraine” and tell your communities about Ukraine and Ukrainians ‒ the country, its culture and people, who are creating and protecting it and it’s history.

It would be great if you’ll be able to show small videos of Ukraine (it’s places and culture) from Ukraїner production on the screen in your public spaces, such as libraries, schools, universities, etc.


Those videos can be short or long, depending on what would better suit your audience and places. The example of the video could be found here: 

short version: 

long version: 

If you are interested in further collaboration we can offer the proper speakers from Ukraine to comment on the videos or conduct special events, based on this content.

Іf you have any question as well as proposals, just write us back:

Glory to Ukraine!