The Appeal of the Ukrainian Library Association to librarians all over the world

Dear colleagues,

The full-scale Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is ongoing for 15 days. There is air bombing of a large number of cities and villages of whole Ukraine, Russian tanks are on approaches to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv, etc.

In the 21st century in the center of Europe Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians. It's really scary when schools, libraries, universities, hospitals, maternity hospitals, residential neighborhoods are bombed. Russian soldiers shoot at cars with a red cross, unarmed people. There is a humanitarian catastrophe in many Ukrainian cities, towns and villages. People are sitting in basements without heat, light, food and water. The Russian occupiers are not giving green corridors to withdraw the civilians. Hundreds of people die, and children too.

Russian scientists, librarians and educators are also responsible for the war in Ukraine. Their research output is now used to bomb our cities, kill Ukrainians, blackmail countries, brainwash the Russian population.

We have got a lot of letters and messages with support words from many associations, libraries, librarians and library users from different countries around the whole world!

We're very thankful to everyone who supports us in these hard and dark times.

Only by uniting will we be able to stop the war, to stop death.

Therefore, please:

  • ask your governments for military assistance to Ukraine and stop any cooperation with Russian Federation;
  • ask your governments to officially ban (or at least recommend to stop) accessing scientific information resources produced by your publishers and providers for Russian Federation;
  • stop all professional connections, not to participate in common projects with libraries, other educational and cultural institutions of the Russian Federation and representatives of these institutions;
  • ask the international organizations, of which you and your institutions are members, to exclude all Russian institutions from its members, and their representatives from governing bodies;
  • support the Ukrainian Army financially;
  • share true information about this war

Twitter: @Ukrainenowi; @ua_parliament

Today Ukraine is fighting not only for its own independence and the future of its children. We are fighting for the future of the whole world! Ukrainians are dying for common human values! Supporting Ukraine, you are supporting the democratic future of all the countries! The whole world must unite to stop Putin!

Glory to Ukraine!