Appeal to publishers and scientific content providers to stop the war in Ukraine, March 2, 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The seventh day of the full-scale Russia’s invasion to Ukraine is ongoing, air bombing of a large number of cities and villages of whole Ukraine, Russian tanks are on approaches to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Russian subversive groups are on our land. The occupiers are firing not only on the military infrastructure, but also on universities, schools, museums, libraries, hospitals, civilian residences. Our brave defenders, civil people including children are dying. Thousands of Ukrainians are forced to save their families by becoming refugees in neighboring countries.

The international community has unequivocally condemned Russian military actions as unacceptable to all. Many countries and companies have already imposed harsh sanctions on Russian businessmen, athletes, and cultural figures for their open support or tacit agreement with Putin's policies.

We are convinced that sanctions in the academic sphere are no less important and will accelerate the fall of putin regime in the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian Library Association and ukrainian library and academic community appeal to cancel your cooperation with authors, editors and academic institutions of the Russian Federation.

We ask all publishers and scientific content providers:

  • to disable access to all your information products and services to Russian users until the Russian Federation ends the war in Ukraine.

We ask all publishers:

  • to exclude the persons affiliated with Russian institutions from membership in editorial boards;
  • don't publish articles by authors affiliated with Russian institutions.

We ask Elsevier an Clarivate Analytics:

  • to exclude the Russian academic resources from Scopus and Web of Science.

We hope, that you understand all the consequences of Putin's war against Ukraine and the whole civilized world and support this important peace effort.

Oksana Brui, ULA President

Larysa Lyhova, ULA Vice-President

Svitlana Moiseeva, ULA Vice-President

Yaroslava Soshynska, ULA Executive Director

March 2, 2022

The Ukrainian Library Association (ULA), founded in 1995, is a nongovernmental professional association with individual membership. ULA represents approximately 50,000 librarians and more than 30,000 libraries across Ukraine. ULA members are employed in national, public, academic, school and special libraries. The Association has 14 regional departments and official partners local library associations with representation in all regions of Ukraine, as well as sections and round tables to focus on specific aspects of librarianship and information science. The Section of University Libraries works with special issues of university libraries activities, including support of academic research.

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